Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Fall by Chana Keefer

The Rapha Chronicles 
This story has been told-but never like this.

No, Rapha would not strike with physical force this day. But he could not resist goading his enemy just once. Looking up, he fixed the peace of Adonai on Lucifer like a laser, held that malicious gaze for one eternal second-and smiled. A flicker of uncertainty stirred in Lucifer's eyes.

Rapha opened a single thought to Lucifer as he disappeared with the creature still cradled to his breast:
You always did hate secrets.

Rapha, a powerful angel, had seen it all in his countless years of service. at least he thought he had. Then he met Adam.

Lucifer had it all, Adonai's favor, Rapha's friendship and unrivaled power throughout creation. But he wanted more.


I'm a blissfully married mom of four who has a passion to introduce people to God--not religion, not condemnation. This has lead to prayer which has brought a tidal wave of creativity and narrative. I'm crazy in love with my Creator-God and His incarnate self shown through Jesus Christ.

I also blog, homeschool my kids, chauffeur, and enjoy old barns, old movies, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Oh! And someday I wanna sail around the world--just sayin'. Probably need to learn to sail first....

One of the first things I need to say about this book is that it's fiction. I say that because I had to keep reminding myself of that throughout my time reading it. This book very vividly takes you back to the time of creation. This time is a time I am very familiar with after attending Catholic school for most of my life. It was a time where Adam and Eve (Glory) messed up. They ate the forbidden fruit and because of that we were all going to have to live in this world of sin.

Well Chana takes a different look at this "simple" part of biblical history. Suddenly we have the opportunity to get to "know" these people. We get some background before that fateful moment that changed all our lives before we even existed. 

What amazed me about this story is how perfectly it fits into the story. How believable it is and how it makes you question things. You get a closer look into what evil is and just how powerful and deceiving it can be. I often wondered how Adam and Eve could make such a simple mistake, and how God could be so willing to "punish" for all eternity because of such a simple mistake. Through this book you get a real understanding of just how much He loves us. 

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Chana Keefer said...

Hi Lara! Wow, great review. I love that you feel that you got to know Adam and Eve a bit better but it thrills me that you realized God's love in a deeper way. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Hugs to you and thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Monstrous blessings on you and yours,

Chana Keefer