Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuff Every Mom Should Know

While I was pregnant with my daughter I felt completely overwhelmed. There was so much I was supposed to know and no handbook for me to study. The answers from other moms were all the same, you'll figure it out. That didn't make me feel any better. Then once my daughter arrived within minutes I was the expert. No one knew how to take care of her better than I did. I had to instruct my mother on how to hold a baby, because clearly when I was a baby she must have done it wrong. Even with her reminding me that she did raise two children I still felt the need to instruct her on every little thing.

But every once in awhile something comes up in my mommy world that I am just baffled by. And it's always the stuff that I'm either too embarrassed to ask for help with or that no one can seem to help me with. So I was excited to check out the book, Stuff Every Mom Should Know.

This book is not your typical "how to" book. It does cover some of the basics like what foods to introduce to your baby. But then it has some really great, unique tips that I myself went searching for on the internet, like what to pack in your carry on when traveling with a baby. It even has the lyrics to some of those lullabies that you start singing only to realize you only know the first 5 words.

I love how this book covers more than just the baby stage. It covers little kids, big kids, and tweens. And I love that it does cover some serious topics in a light way, like how to keep your kids safe on the internet.

This pocket sized book is a great one for every mom to read. And a fun gift to give to that overwhelmed new mother to help her relax and realize it never gets easier... haha! Just kidding.


Emmi said...

Now that looks like a book I could use. I might have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

Lara said...

It's a fun one... but also helpful!