Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red and Yellow's Noisy Night - Book Review

Red and Yellow live together in an olive tree but the two are as different as can be. Lively and energetic Red likes to play his strummy long and loud while sweetly docile Yellow wants to curl up with a pillow and sleep. Together the two very different friends must find a way to get along. Will they succeed?

This was the perfect bed time story to share with my little girl. We curled up one evening and red the tale of two very different critters trying to get along. These two seem to be quite the opposites. We had a lot of fun talking about the two different personalities and trying to figure out what they could do to make things work for both of them.

This book has so many important lessons in one beautiful story. Red and Yellow teach children that it's ok to be different, but that you need to respect each other's differences. They also teach lessons about learning to get along in even the most difficult situations. And in the end accepting each other for who you are can be fun!

This adorable book is based on an animated TV series that currently airs on over 100 channels around the world and is a part of Little Light Foundation, a non-profit public charity whose goal is to create original media that will help children around the world learn about conflict resolution and mutual respect. “The Olive Branch” was inspired by creator Josh Selig’s experiences working in children’s television with Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem and is the foundation’s first creative endeavor.


Show Me Mama said...

My daughter would love this. We always read books to her before she goes to bed. Looks like fun.

Lara said...

It's a great before bed book!