Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Videotron's Smart Find

This past year has been a busy one for our family. We went from not really traveling with our little one (anywhere over 2.5 hours) to hitting the roads and the sky! We started the year off with an eight hour drive to Canada and we just returned from her first flight to Disney World. And I am happy to report that both trips went well and we are ready to be world travelers! Well, maybe not since money doesn't grow on trees. But we are much more open to venturing out of our comfort zone.

One of the places I have always dreamed of going is the Montreal/Quebec City area. My brother-in-law and his new wife chose that as their destination for their honeymoon and they had a wonderful time! With the summer creeping up on us there is no better time to start thinking about family vacations, and wouldn't it be wonderful to experience the history, attempt the language, and enjoy the food! They loved the food!

When planning a trip to Montreal or Quebec City I have a tool that will prove very useful in your planning. Videotron's Smart Find phone directory allows you to quickly and easily search for specific locations or general locations in that area. For example, you can run a search for hotels in the Montreal area and get a list of them with address and phone number. It also provides a map so you can see where things are located to help plan a smooth trip.

This is a great site to help make the planning and organizing of a trip to Montreal and/or Quebec City much easier. With Montreal being the largest city in Quebec you want to make sure you see and do everything on your list. So safe yourself some time and use Videotron's Smart Find to find great places to eat, museums to hit, and other fun things to do! With my time playing with it I am itching to plan a trip of my own!


Show Me Mama said...

I havenever been to Montreal but if we ever decide on doing it we will definitely look in to this.

Thanks for sharing.