Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1-800-Flowers Review

With summer in full swing what better way is there to send a smile then with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 1-800-Flowers has given me the fabulous opportunity to review their "It's Your Sunny Day" bouquet. This bouquet is filled with a variety of bright and cheerful flowers that are sure to put a big smile on anyone's face!

I don't often send flowers to friends or family. I have often viewed them as too expensive considering they don't last forever. But by receiving this bouquet I have officially changed my mind! It was an incredible feeling to answer the door and see a smiling delivery person holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me! And these flowers were being sent as a review item... so I could only imagine what it would feel like if they were sent by a loved one!

Aside from the thrill of receiving the flowers, they have really brought cheer into my home. They brighten up my kitchen and smell fabulous! The flowers arrived at perfect timing as we were hosting a game night at our home that evening. The flowers made a gorgeous center piece and were a huge topic of conversation. Aside from the gorgeous colors and fun sun shining through the bouquet, people were drawn to the unusual square vase and the artistic way that the stems were wrapped in the vase to create a gorgeous green through the clear glass.

1-800-Flowers offers a huge selection of beautiful arrangements... something for every occasion and every person in your life. This experience has made me a huge fan of receiving and sending flowers. You are sure to brighten someones day in a big way!

1-800-Flowers also offers quick and wonderful service! My flowers arrived the next day in prime condition with buds ready to bloom! The communication with 1-800-Flowers was easy and they are more than willing to help with your flower selections. An overall wonderful experience!


Julie said...

I love 1-800 Flowers! I've used them in the past, and, once, when the local florist didn't have the exact flowers for the bouquet I requested, they upped the arrangement and delivered an even better one! You can't beat it for price, tracking, and convenience!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries