Monday, June 7, 2010

Eye Boogie Update...

First of all... thank you so much for all the thoughtful comments and reassuring thoughts! I often start to feel alone in my fears and it's so nice to know I have supportive and knowledgeable friends in the blogosphere.

I called first thing this morning... they open at 9... I called at 8:45 and they answered!!! Woohoo! I got the first appointment of the day and was in with the doctor by 9:30. Everything seems to be ok. The doctor thinks it's viral... but ears and lungs are clear. So we are watching for any signs of redness in her eyes or a fever. But in the meantime she said to keep cleaning her eyes with a warm cloth. Just like my mommas suggested!

So I'm going to try and relax and just go with the flow. I'm hoping this will all clear up quickly!


trooppetrie said...

I love when it works out and the Dr can get us right in. glad things are ok

Lara said...

Thanks ladies! Yes, I was so glad to get in first thing. Otherwise it makes for a long day... haha!

Momma Teri said...

Saying HEY from Friday Follow.
Of course we follow you through GFF, please make sure to stop in and do the same for us :)

Psss.... We also have an iPad giveaway going on right now 7/2!