Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hasbro Toys Review: Wheel Pals

Hasbro is a well known brand that offers a great variety of toys and games for kids. They have a wide range of items that are appropriate for all different age groups. They recently came out with some new additions to their Wheel Pals family. Hasbro was generous enough to send me two of these adorable toys for review.

Hasbro makes quality products, and these Wheel Pals are no exception. They are geared toward children 12 months and older. They are sturdy and well made (believe me... they have been chewed, thrown, buried under other toys and loved). Each animal in the collection is adorable. They have happy faces and are bright and colorful. All things that would draw a child's attention. They are also a lot of fun to play with, especially for children who are just gaining the concept of wheeling a toy around.

My daughter and my husband love to play with the Wheel Pals. They are great toys at a totally affordable price (approximate retail value is $3.99 each). Here is a little blurb from Hasbro about their Wheel Pals:
These delightful animal-themed pals on wheels are the perfect size for playful toddlers' little hands.  Tots will enjoy rolling and racing their colorful WHEEL PALS friends and are sure to fall in love with the animals' adorable, expressive faces.  Collect all the cheery jungle and farm friends, each sold separately.  Available at most major toy retailers nationwide.
As I mentioned before, Hasbro has a great deal of products to offer for children of any age. You should check out their website or look for their products in most major retail stores.