Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Blink of an Eye......

Wow, so I haven't done much mommy blogging lately! I am happy to say that I've been super busy with fabulous reviews and giveaways... but I miss writing about my baby girl! So.. some updates!

As you know, we just celebrated her FIRST birthday! It was so much fun! I loved planning and put my heart and soul into making it perfect... and then it was over. I sat back and thought to myself... wow that was a lot of work for three hours. But I am really happy I did it... she totally deserved it.

Then we had her one year check up! I always get excited and nervous for check ups. I can't wait to find out her height and weight but I also worry that something might come up. It probably stems from her 3 month check up when they detected a heart murmur (it was innocent and has since gone away). Or perhaps from my pregnancy where it seemed like every appointment we got bad news (you and your husband are both cystic fibrosis carriers, your baby has a 1 in 4 chance of having cystic fibrosis, you failed your glucose test, the baby isn't moving as much as we'd like... and on and on). But everything went great.... phew!

So she's walking (ahem... running) and talking (I am SURE she said duck). She loves the water :) We play in her baby pool all the time! And she's happy.... so happy. My grandpa told me the other day that motherhood has made me prettier. HAHAHA... yeah I laughed out loud. 9 months on... 9 months off... it's been 12... but anyway. He said that I am still glowing... and you know what, I totally believe it. I feel so much happier with her in my life.

And so it begins... I've got baby fever!!!


Vernz said...

lovely baby of yours.... following you back from FBMT.

MommyJessica said...

Happy Birthday Little One!!

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