Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tweetlebug Boutique Review

Tweetlebug Boutique has one of the most adorable products I have seen! Hospital hats that are designed to let everyone know if your little one is a boy or a girl!! We can't deny it... I'm sure we've all been there... people get babies genders mixed up. I'm sure I've even done it to some sweet person who smiled an accepted my mistake. Of course when someone walked up to me and told me how cute my baby boy was I kindly smiled back and said, "yes...isn't SHE."

Tweetlebug Boutique takes the guess work out for others while making your baby shine with a stylish yet traditional hospital hat. Each hat is made from the newborn hospital hat material but has a special added touch to make it unique and special. Whether you want a flower or bow for your baby girl, or a masculine initial for your sweet baby boy.

Unfortunately I didn't know about Tweetlebug when my daughter was born, so I wasn't able to put her in a sweet little hat. But fortunately they also offer some adorable bows!! Tweetlebug was generous enough to send me a great little selection of bows for my baby girl! They are fabulous and stay in the little bit of hair that she has.
I highly recommend you check out Tweetlebug Boutique! Their hats would make the perfect gift for an expectant mom!


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