Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dezign with a Z Review

I think I have a wall decal addiction! I love this style of decorating. It's easy and looks fabulous!

Dezign with a Z was kind enough to send me some decals to play with! I received a set of two butterflies... this was the first thing I tackled. I decided that they would look great around a black frame with my daughter's baby pictures. What do you think?
I think they look absolutely amazing and they were ridiculously easy to apply! It took me a matter of seconds to put this up and they really add to the wall.

Dezign with a Z also sent me a really cute mermaid that I thought would look perfect in my daughter's bathroom. This decal was much larger and much more complicated in design. But it still went on relatively easy.
This application was a two person job. I needed my husband to hold onto the paper while I peeled. He really didn't do anything except hold the paper... so basically it was a one woman job.. hehe! Because of the size I did end up with some bubbles.... but even with a few bubbles I am really happy with it! It literally takes up the whole top section of the wall by the door.. it's huge. I plan to go back and follow their recommendation to pop the bubbles with a small pin and smooth it out. I think that will be successful.

Dezign with a Z has a great selection of some really unique decals. They have wall mirrors... totally cool... and clocks... so unique. They even have decals that you can write on... fun! You really need to check out this selection and start adding some unique decals to your home decor!!


blueviolet said...

Super cute!!!! Something for mom and dad and something for the little ones.

parenting ad absurdum said...

Love these so much! And it looks like the sort of minimal effort DIY I could get behind ;).

Jennifer said...

I love those!!

I left you an award on my blog!! :)

Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

alex hudson said...

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