Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fibers.com Review

Fibers.com is a really fun site that allows you to create custom t-shirts, hoodies, and more! I love this idea because it allows you to create the perfect item for someone on your list. I had a great time exploring this site because they have so many ideas and pre-made designs to offer. I love the I Heart t-shirts. They really have something for everyone in that category. They have a ton already made up, or you can create your own.

They also have some really clever family t-shirts. I laughed out loud when I saw a shirt that had "only child" crossed out and "big brother" written underneath it. How cute would that be for announcing a new addition? I also found a bunch of cute shirts for dads that I will be keeping in mind for father's day!

Fibers.com gave me the great opportunity to create my own shirt. The process is so easy and they really walk you through it. You can take ideas from their designs and change them up to fit your style, or you can start from scratch. You can change colors, text style, images, pretty much everything! I decided to go with one of their pre-existing templates that says "born to sleep," but decided to go in and change the colors. I took my favorite color (pink) and my husband's favorite color (orange) and created this really funny shirt. It's perfect for me because before I had my daughter sleeping was my favorite activity. I slept a lot and now I miss it, haha!

I love thee way it came out! I was a little concerned about the size because when I looked at the size chart I fell into the XL category. Usually I wear a medium or large in fitted t-shirts, so I was afraid this was going to be huge. But I followed their guide and ordered the XL and it fits really nicely. So definitely use their guide and don't go by your regular size.

The shirt seems to be a really nice quality. I've washed it a couple of times and the image still looks like new. It hasn't faded or peeled and it still fits nicely. I would recommend your check them out!


Mom vs. the boys said...

ha! I could easily have the same shirt, I love to sleep!!! wish I did it more! lol
it always makes me nervous ordering clothes online but following the guidelines is good and usually works out right.
it's super cute! good job!

Jenn said...

Awh! Thats really cute!! I like the famiy shirts too. Thanks for sharing! :D

Show Me Mama said...

Oh, I love those shirts- especially the funny shirts section. My favorite so far would be the Imaginary Friend shirt. Too funny! Thanks for sharing