Monday, December 13, 2010

Zippo Hand Warmer Review

Zippo has created something really cool! The Zippo Hand Warmer is small and metal. It's the perfect size to fit into your pocket. Here is a little more about it's design and features.
It has a high-polish finish and a sleek, thin design so it easily fits into pockets, and it’s virtually odorless (great for hunters) and stays warm for up to 12 hours. Plus, it’s reusable with Zippo lighter fluid and includes a convenient filler cup and warming bag.

  • Rugged metal construction
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Reusable w/ Zippo premium lighter fluid
  • Virtually odorless – great for hunters
  • 12 hour burn time (new version)
  • Includes convenient filler cup and warming bag
  • Ideal for hunting, ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and outdoor sporting events.
We recently received a Zippo Hand Warmer for review. I was impressed with the design and just how small it really is. It's also very easy to use. Just fill it, ignite it, and keep warm!
We used this when we went to a holiday parade on a very cold day. It was very popular amongst my family members and we were passing it back and  forth to give everyone a chance to warm up. I guess we will all need our own!

This really is perfect for people who spend some time outdoors in the winter. Whether you're hunting, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, or just watching the kids play in the snow it will be a treat to keep you warm!

Check it out on Zippo's website for more information.


Show Me Mama said...

Oh, this would be great for our next ski trip. I can definitely place it it my pockets :) Thanks for sharing. I have to tell my husband about it.

Life with the Lebedas said...

lol the things they come up with. That is awesome it's a hand warmer!

Иван Ратницкий said...

I use my hand wamer at least one year, use it every time when weather staying cold. Also i use it when i go camping. Nice device