Saturday, December 11, 2010

Newman's Own Organics Review

I try really hard to give my daughter organic food. It's just something that is personally important to me. But I often let my husband and I slip and we eat anything and everything. Well, now that we know about Newman's Own Organic and their huge selection of organic foods it will be much easier to keep us all on a diet that is healthier for us and the environment.

I recently received an amazing sample of some of their snacks!
It has taken me and my family a long time to get a taste of everything in this pack! It's an amazing variety of different kinds of cookies, soy crisps, dried fruit, chocolate and more. Some things are even missing from this picture because my husband was sneaky and got to them before I could even take a picture!
I am SO impressed with this selection of snacks! Everything is delicious and I feel so much better letting my daughter go to town on cookies. Ok, maybe not to town... but she has been munching away for the past few days. My husband and I have also been enjoying the wide variety. I am all about the chocolate bars and he devoured the chocolate chip cookies.

We had family over for Thanksgiving so we showed them our stash and allowed everyone to taste test. Everyone was raving! It also brought up a lot of questions about organic food. I was able to direct all of them to the Newman's Own Organic website where they provide some great information about what organic food is and why it's  healthy choice. Check it out here! You can also browse the website to all the great products available, including organic coffee and pet food. You can also find a list of retailers near you that carry Newman's Own Organics.

Also, be sure to check out Newman's Own Organics on Facebook for news and giveaways!


Mom vs. the boys said...

wowza look at that stash??? can you say chocolate? amazing! I never knew Newman's Own carried a chocolate line. cool!

Lara said...

I didn't either! Their stuff is really impressive.

Life with the Lebedas said...

We buy newmans own products a lot! We love them! Oh my gosh that is a lot of food!! I bet you enjoyed it and little miss Leah too!