Friday, December 3, 2010

Wholly Guacamole - Review

I've never had guacamole in my life. I've had it on my plate on the side of my quesadillas and such, but I've just never tried it. But over the past few months I had been reading some reviews about Wholly Guacamole's guacamole and I decided it was time to give it a try. 

Wholly Guacamole sent me two different types of guacamole to try: their classic and their spicy. They also included a tub of salsa and a tub of queso. They sent so much stuff that I decided it would be perfect for an appetizer spread on Thanksgiving! This way my whole family could try the different dips and tell me what they thought.
Wow! Everyone was impressed! My favorite was the queso. It was SO delicious and creamy! My husband could not stop talking about how fresh the salsa tasted... he finished the entire tub. And the guacamole was a hit, too! And yes, I tried it! It really did have a nice flavor with a smooth texture. I started with the classic and then tried the spicy. I think I prefer the spicy because you get a little kick. 

Wholly Guacamole also has the cutest ideas for incorporating their dips into fun appetizers. I am going to make little Grinches with guacamole for my holiday party next weekend!

I highly recommend Wholly Guacamole! And what's even better is that when I searched for a location near me on their website my local Stop and Shop came up. So now I can have Wholly Guacamole whenever I want! (And word on the street is that guacamole is healthy for you, too! Just don't tell the kids!)


Show Me Mama said...
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Show Me Mama said...

Oh, I love guacamole- Just yesterday we ate some with chips and it was very spicy. It looks really yummy. I have to try it out.

Lara said...

I don't know why I was so afraid of it... it's so yummy!

Mom vs. the boys said...

ohhhh yum yum yum!!! I'm hungry now!