Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Earth Tea Review

Good Earth® is dedicated to brewing goodness into each and every cup of our delicious teas, 
ensuring a purity and authenticity in a wide variety of blends.

One of the first American herbal companies and a leader in specialty tea, Good Earth® Teas are simply about taste. Our aim is to bring you full flavored, healthy teas from around the world. We use top quality ingredients in unique combinations to give you richer, more flavorful teas to savor every day.

I love to drink tea in the winter. I feel like it warms your whole body while giving off a subtle scent that relaxes you. This past weekend I was in the mood for tea every day. It was bitter cold and we were all home relaxing. So I broke out my boxes of Good Earth Tea that I received for review. 

Our award-winning Good Earth® Original™ Sweet & Spicy™ Tea & Herb Blend is a deliciously full-bodied blend of tea and herbs. The rich aroma and notes of zesty California oranges will capture your senses, from the first sip to the last. Deliciously sweet, with no added sugar, honest. On hot days we think it's amazing over ice.

I like to drink my tea black, so a nice strong flavor is nice. However, I don't like my tea to be too strong. I also enjoy a little additional flavor besides just the tea leaves. I often drink herbal teas with fruit, or some kind of spice. So when I poured a cup of their Original tea and could immediately smell the spices I was excited. The spices were very fragrant, so I was happy to find that the tea didn't taste as strong as it smelled. The tea was smooth and relaxing. I enjoyed a cup each night and look forward to more!

You can purchase Good Earth Tea at most major retailers or online.


FrugalCityGirl said...

I am following from MBC!! Come and check out my blog and follow me back :)

Show Me Mama said...

I will try any drinks but I am definitely a tea drinker- Since little my mom used to make that for us and pour milk in the tea. I used to take it to school which was still hot but during lunch time it was all cold, so I end up drinking it in the morning while it was still hot. Love tea. Great review.

Mom vs. the boys said...

I don't drink tea either, there's something wrong with me, I need a hot chocolate though! my hands are freezing!