Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea - Icon Series 6mm Premium Headphones

I have the hardest time with headphones. I don't like the super hue ones that make you look like you stepped out of 1980, and my ears are too tiny for the little ones that you stick in your ear. They hurt when they are in and always end up falling out. So I had to get the kind that hook onto your ear and then the little piece goes inside your ear. These work ok for me, but the little piece still falls out of my ear often. But at least with the hook over my ear they don't fall to the ground every three seconds.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review the Icon Series 6mm Premium Headphones that are available exclusively through Amazon. Well, you know how much a I love Amazon, and I was interested to see if these would work better for me... so I went for it.

WOW. That's really all I can say. I have never tried anything more comfortable than these! They literally conform to the share of your ear so they stay in so well and don't hurt at all. And the sound quality is great. The music came through so clear. Here is a little more information about them:

Mini Size, Maximum Sound & Comfort
Every element of the Icon Series 6mm headphone is designed to provide maximum comfort and performance for everyday use - whether you're running a 10k or kicking back on the plane.
  • One of the smallest headphones in the world: the 6mm driver is smaller than a dime, ensures a comfortable fit and powerful sound
  • Lightweight and durable: the 1.6 oz aluminum alloy structure sustains the most rigorous activities
  • Soft silicone fittings: an elongated cone-shape creates a deep yet comfortable tight seal within the ear to block ambient noise
  • Custom fit: three sizes (S,M,L) of soft silicone fittings create a personalized feel
Audio Integrity
The Icon Series 6mm headphone maintains the music's intended sound by using premium materials and design innovation.
  • The new standard in driver technology: a magnesium-enriched dynamic driver is precisely molded to compliment the music while a powerful strontium rare earth magnet delivers deep yet balanced bass level
  • Unique soundstage: emphasizes crisp highs, a smooth mid-range, and rich bass across a full spectrum
  • Noise-isolating technology: passive noise isolation reduces ambient noise without introducing artificial sounds into your music
These are the perfect last minute gift. They are small and useful. I am loving mine and use them with my iPod and cell phone to listen to music. They would be great for running or exercising. And perfect for traveling. So many uses in such a tiny item! You should definitely check them out!