Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kid-E-Cover by Elicole Review

Childproofing has been an obsession of mine. Since my daughter was born... before she could walk or even crawl... I was moving cleaning solutions up high, covering outlets, putting up gates. The fact of the matter is that an accident can happen in a flash second. When you least expect it. When you turn your back or are watching it all go down. All the childproofing in the world won't guarantee an accident free home. But, the more precautions you take the better.

At Elicole they feel that "Your Family is Our Concern." That simple statement says a lot. It tells you that they are creating products with a genuine concern for safety and will provide the best possible protection for our little ones. And what is one of the first things we often childproof? Electrical outlets.

Elicole created the Kid-E-Cover to make our lives easier while still providing a functionally safe environment. I initially put the little plastic covers in all my outlets. And I kid you not when I tell you that every time I needed to take one out to plug something in I had to ask my husband or pry it off with something else. It kinda gave me an excuse not to vacuum.

The Kid-E-Cover is so much easier to use. You put it on like a regular outlet covers but it is closed where there are normally openings for your plugs. It has a little latch on the side that you simply slide up to plug something in. Then when you unplug it automatically closes again. So easy! And my house has been much cleaner since we put it in.

Kid-E-Covers are affordable and fabulous! You can purchase them on or from the Elicole website.