Friday, February 11, 2011

Momma Panic

Does anyone have a favorite piece of jewelry? Something that means the world to them, most likely because it's from someone special? Well, I have 3 pieces of jewelry that I probably couldn't live without (well not really, but you know what I mean). My engagement ring, my wedding ring, and my mommy bracelet.

Obviously my engagement ring and my wedding ring are from my husband. We were very young when we got engaged (seniors in college) so they are nothing super fancy. But that makes them even more special. My husband had to work so hard to get me a gorgeous solitaire diamond that is me in every way. Simple yet sparkly! I wouldn't trade this ring for the world. There will be no "upgrades" for me. I will wear this ring on my finger forever. And my band is the same. No diamonds on it, just the never ending circle that symbolizes our love.

Now my mommy bracelet is a little different. My husband didn't buy it for me, or give it to me from y daughter. I actually received this as a review item from an amazing site called Belly Charms. She seriously has the cutest stuff for moms, grandmas, everybody. But anyway, she made me a gorgeous customized bracelet. It was me to a T. I picked the colors and chose to have it say Mommy.
The minute I received this I fell in love with it. It had so much meaning to me even though it wasn't from someone special. I wore it every day and showed it off as much as possible. Then one day I looked down and it was gone. I tore my house apart. I couldn't find it anywhere.

Then my husband got an idea. Sometimes I think he missed his calling as a detective. He started to look back at our photos and traced the bracelet to the last location I was wearing it and then the next location where it was first missing. Amazing. So it was decided that I had it on a Saturday at my parents house and it was gone on Sunday when we went out to breakfast (yeah, we pretty much take pictures wherever we are). So somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning it went missing.

I really feared the worst. It had snowed since that weekend and I knew if I lost anywhere outside (like the restaurant parking lot) it would be long gone. So I crossed my fingers and called the restaurant.  The girl on the phone said she hadn't seen it but she would check in the back office. My heart was sinking with every second she was gone. Even if I lost it there someone would have had to have seen it before it got swept up and returned it to the counter. Then she came back and uttered those magical words, "yes, it's here." I was one happy girl when I went to pick that bracelet up!


Mom vs. the boys said...

oh yay!!! you found it!!!! that is such a happy ending!!!

Belly Charms said...

Oh my goodness. I am so glad you found it and I am so glad it is one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Have a wonderful weekend and your hubby is a good detective.:)

emmy's closet said...

Great story!! I know EXACTLY what you mean! My hubs lost his wedding band in a CAB in DC and I lost mine on soccer field in a HUGE park (not on the same day-ha)...and we BOTH got them back!! Never been so happy!

Lara said...

Wow! That's amazing! I would think a ring lost in a cab would be long gone! So awesome!

Shell said...

So glad you found it!

Panic Attacks said...

When we loose our jewelry or when we misplace that then at that we start doing panic. We must keep things early carefully.