Thursday, February 17, 2011

Squaredy Cats Review

When I checked out the Squaredy Cats website I thought they looked adorable! So when I was given the opportunity to check them out in person I was excited.  This little one arrived on my doorstep. The is "not squared to sparkle," and as soon as I saw her I thought to myself  "they picked the perfect one to send to my daughter!"

Yes, "not squared to sparkle" is perfect for my little girly girl princess. But as I looked at the images they sent me I realized that there were so many she would love! I could easily see these becoming the hot new toy that ever kid wants... and wants several of! I love how you can find them to match your personality.

These Squaredy Cats are cool while being cute. I love the uniqueness of them. I mean, they're square cats. You won't find that many places. They are really well made, soft and cuddly. The day we opened our Squaredy Cat my daughter insisted on taking it to nap with her. It was love at first site.

You can check out the many styles on their website, blog, and facebook page!