Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Einstein Tunnel

My first review! Yay! Ok, those who have read my past posts may have seen the one where I talked about getting the Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel.

I saw it when I was browsing on Amazon and right away knew I was interested in getting it for my baby.

When it came time for me to purchase it (I waited in the hopes that we would get it for Christmas and then didn't) it was totally unavailable. I looked EVERYWHERE! We even contacted the company and they told us it was discontinued.

I finally found it on Craig's List and jumped on the opportunity to buy it. I was hesitant because it was listed as "gently used" and I didn't know what to expect. It came in great condition but I still would have preferred to have purchased it new.

Why I like this product:
It's a nice size (about 4 feet long) and very appealing to the eye. There are lots of bright colors creating animal scenes on the sides, top and bottom.

The inside bottom piece is a little padded. Very soft for those fast crawling knees.

There are toys that can be hung along the top (such as a red bird that tweets, a sun that rattles and linking chains). You can choose to put them up, take them down and move them around. You could also add other toys if you were crafty and creative and found a way to attach them to the small loops that the other toys are designed to attach to.

There are things to touch and feel along the bottom as you play or crawl inside. It has leaves that are attached but can be lifted and crinkled. A really great tactile addition.

You can see into the tunnel. The sides are partly mesh so you can see your little one when they are inside playing.

What I don't like about this product:
It's not as stable as I would like it to be. When my daughter rolls around inside she flips it over. This is a really minor complaint and easily fixable...just flip it back the right way.

I am really happy with this product. My daughter is 9 months old and she loves to crawl through and take the toys down and play with them. My friends daughter is slightly over the age of 2 and she also has a blast with it. I think it will be a long lasting favorite.

Here is a picture of her enjoying her tunnel.

The tunnel is now available again through many sites. As usual, Amazon is among the lowest priced retailers. They also provide great customer service, even when ordering through a second party (which seems to be the only option with this tunnel).


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Great review!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the tunnel is no longer available again :( It's my 16 month old son's favorite toy and has been for over a year. Too bad others can't enjoy it!