Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rockabye Baby sent me a copy of their latest release, Lullaby Renditions of Journey, for review.  I was really excited because I love Journey. But I was also skeptical. I didn't understand how they could take rock music and turn it into lullaby's, at least not in a way that would resemble the original songs. But they did! IT'S AWESOME!

The music is very soothing and all instrumental, and you can totally sing the words along in your head. They have even added some awesome frog croaking noises to add to the magical lullaby feel. My husband and I both agreed that we loved listening to this CD with our daughter. We have her listening to Journey as it is, so this just makes it even cooler that she can relax and drift off to sleep to familiar tunes. It really is music that the whole family can enjoy.

Rockabye Baby has also done a bunch of other groups, including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Marley and Cold Play. You really need to check out their website, there's something for everyone. And they are all reasonably priced at about $17.00. They even have really cute onesies for your rocker baby!!


Ashley said...

that is awesome! I hadn't heard of Rockabye Baby before, thanks for sharing!
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Tami said...

OMG - I love Journey too! Especially Lights. I feel like I should have a lighter above my head! :)

Thanks for sharing this.

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Jen said...

Thanks for following my blog! I'm your newest Friday Follower. I hope you are having a great day so far. Enjoy your weekend!


Missy said...

Thanks for the follow - following you back!