Friday, March 5, 2010

Summer Infant Super Wide Gate

I have a wide opening (about 6 feet) from my living room to my kitchen. My husband and I had already decided that the family room would be our baby's main play room because it's the only carpeted room on the first floor. So I needed to find a good, sturdy gate to put across the opening.

I did a lot of research and read a ton of reviews. I finally settled on the Sure and Secure Super Wide Custom Fit Gate. Most of the reviews about his product were very positive. However, I did read several complaints about the installation of the gate. It does have to be bolted to the doorway and some people said they had trouble getting it secure. Some also complained that the bolt ripped out of the wall making an ugly hole and a useless gate.

With the negative reviews in mind I still decided to go with the majority and purchase the gate. I am very happy that I did. I can't say much about the installation because my husband did it. But he did it within an hour and with no curse words! So it couldn't have been that bad.

The gate is very sturdy. We have had it up for about a month now. My daughter pulls herself up on it and it feels secure. It's also attractive to look at with the beige and brown colors. I like that it has a mesh panel rather than bars because I know my daughters limbs would be flying through bars.

It's a very large gate and totally adjustable. For our opening we only needed to use one panel (it comes with 2) and the gate.

My only complaint is that I wish it had a foot pedal to open the gate. The latch is on the top and is easy to use, but when carrying a baby it's just easier to use your foot to open it than your hand. But you can certainly open it with just one hand.

Now here is the shocking news. You have probably noticed that I advertise for Amazon all the time. This is because 90% of the time I find the best deals there. And they offer free shipping on purchases over $25 that are shipped from them (outside sellers typically charge shipping). But this time around I did not find the best deal at Amazon, I found it at Walmart. Walmart didn't have free shipping, but it cost me a DOLLAR to ship it. How insane is that?? I have heard they have great shipping prices, but wow! So I will provide two links... one to Walmart and one to Amazon. You can make your own decision about who you would like to buy from.
And here is a picture of it all set up in my house and my little one holding on!


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