Friday, March 12, 2010

Bundle Up!

When I was registering for my baby shower I brought my cousin with me, read about "must haves" on baby websites and talked to friends who had young babies. Most of them recommended the JJ Cole Bundle Me for the infant car seat. But no, I knew better than them. My baby was going to be born in the summer. By the time the cold weather came around she would be big enough to easily put a coat on. I didn't need the $40 Bundle Me, besides isn't that what blankets are for?

I ate my words. By the time fall came around I was regretting my decision. Isn't wasn't so much that I couldn't easily put a coat on her, but she didn't look comfy. And her legs weren't covered unless I used a blanket. And then the crazy mom in me worried she would suffocate herself with the loose blanket.

Needless to say I ended up buying myself a Bundle Me when I could have gotten it as a shower gift. Oh well, that's life. Not a big deal. What I'm trying to get across is how great these things are.

They are fleecy on the outside and oh so comfy fuzzy on the inside! She looks so ridiculously cozy that I wish they had one for me! Her legs are warm, she can't suffocate, it won't fall off while I'm carrying it like a blanket could. It's really pretty brilliant.

My daughter recently outgrew her infant car seat.... tear. So now I am going to move it to her stroller to make a perfect and easy spring blanket for walks. I am very pleased with the Bundle Me. And even though it definitely is limited in how long you can use them (because your child will grow out of it) I would say it's worth the money. I especially feel this way since I hope someday I will be able to use it with my second baby.


RN Mama said...

Great product! I laughed a little when you said you were going to put a coat on her the car seat:) I've seen those babies wearing the coats/snowsuits in the car seats and they always look REALLY uncomfortable!

Kelley said...

Hi form FF! Have a great weekend!

Miller Moments said...

I had this for my son too and loved it. He was born in November and it was so easy to keep him warm all through the winter.

I'm dropping by via FF.

Anonymous said...

following back :)

VKT said...

She is so precious! Don't they grow up fast!