Monday, March 29, 2010

Nurture My Body Baby Lotion Review

When I tried my sample of Nurture My Body Baby Lotion the first things that came to my mind was.... ahhh the spa. I felt like I was at a baby spa! There was a great subtle fragrance that didn't linger but was there while applying. I gave my daughter a bath and then rubbed her down with this lotion. It seriously went on like silk. It was so smooth and smelled so good that I was tempted to use it on myself!

I was happy that the fragrance was subtle enough that it didn't linger for too long. You know how I love the natural baby scent! But I did enjoy having the fragrance there when applying it. It was such a relaxing moment for me and my baby girl. (They do offer it in fragrance free) And the lotion really works well. My daughters knees have been red and dry from crawling around. I had been moisturizing them on a regular basis, but they remained a little dry. I used this lotion for a couple of days and did notice a difference in her red spots!

And the best part is that all of Nurture My Body's products are chemical free and made of all natural ingredients! I love that I can feel confident in what I am putting on my baby's skin. And they sell stuff for adults too.

I would also like to add that my sample came packaged in a little purple satchel. It really made me feel like I receiving something special. The company put a lot of thought and effort into presenting their products in a classy way. 

Definitely check their website out and see all that Nurture My Body has to offer for you and your baby!