Saturday, March 6, 2010

Black Out Curtains

So I needed a little help with nap time. I decided to try black out curtains and see if a darker room meant longer naps.

I ordered these curtains guessed it...Amazon. Once again, that's where I found the best price.The company that makes them is Best Home Fashion and, as with everything else, there were mixed reviews about these curtains. But once again, I took a flying leap and tried them out.

Here are the results:
These photos were taken at 10:00 am on a very bright and sunny day.
As you can see, some light does come in. Especially from the sides and bottom.  The room is quite a bit darker, to the point where my video monitor goes into night mode. Am I totally happy with the results? No, I would like the room to be a bit darker. Am I going to return them? No, I'm going to keep them because they were a good price, do help quite a bit and they are nice. They don't look like your typical heave black out curtain. They look much more like a good quality drapery, and they have a nice soft texture to them. Let's face it...I put a lot of time and money into making an adorable nursery for my first born. I'm not going to ruin that by putting up some hideous curtains. 

So overall, would I recommend these? Well, I think it depends on what you are looking for. If you are really looking for a DARK room, then no. If you are looking for a darker room with a nice looking curtain, then yes.


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Xenia said...

We've tried a variety of things to darken our daughters' rooms over the years and had mixed results as well. Great review!

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Stefanie said...

The curtains look great! I agree - keep them!

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