Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cake Mess!

I am entering this great contest to try and win a Kitchen Aid mixer and other Fab prizes from Mayhem&Moxie. One of the entries is to write a post about a cake disaster. Oh wouldn't you know I JUST had one of those?

I love to bake and usually try and do things from scratch. But once you have a baby that just doesn't happen as often. So for St. Patrick's Day we were having people over and I decided to make something no-bake. So I picked Bailey's Chocolate Mousse Pie. It wasn't exactly the easiest recipe, but it also wasn't too hard. And the pie crust was ready made.

So, I do all the steps.... heating the milk... melting the choc chips... stirring in the gelatine.... you know the drill. Nothing thickens up... it's pure soup. It's also 9:00 at night and I need to get the baby to bed! So I decide to pour it into the crust and hope it firms up in the fridge over night.

As I am pouring the mix into the pan I drop my pot. The crust shatters... chocolate goes everywhere. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I do both. My husband jumps in the car and goes to get me another pie crust. I even have photographic evidence because my husband thought it was funny enough to post on my facebook wall.

I finally finish the pie... it's still soup... and put it in the fridge. It came out great! No joke! It really did firm up!!

Boy I hope I win this contest!!