Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scandinavian Child lillebaby EveryWear Carrier Challenge - Part 2

I've been writing, Facebook posting and talking about the EveryWear challenge for a few weeks now. As you may have remembered I received a lillebaby EveryWear Carrier from Scandinavian Child and I have been testing it out. I was really raving about this carrier int he beginning, so I guess people expected my enthusiasm to fade because they continue to ask me if I am still satisfied. Well the answer it yes! I am still in love with my carrier and am using it all the time!

In the past I wouldn't have thought twice about putting my baby in the stroller when running into stores or the coffee shop or even down the street to the neighbors house. This week I used my stroller once. The carrier is really just so much easier. It's very easy to put on, doesn't take up and room, doesn't require me to drag a stroller out of the trunk. I actually found myself saying the other day, "boy I wish we brought the carrier, it takes so much less time to run into the food store." I never felt that way with my old carrier because it wasn't easy to get on. I always needed an extra hand (I can get my EveryWear on and off without any help) and my shoulders started to hurt pretty quickly.

I'm not going to say that this is a pain free option because the fact is we are dealing with gravity. My daughter weighs 23 pounds, so after an hour or so of carrying her while standing the whole time I do start to feel it. But if I sit down for a bit and can get back on the move. It's not the carrier.... it's science.

Here are some pictures of getting out and about at Michael's.... shopping for scrapbook supplies!


Anonymous said...

I have a carrier but I've only used it a hadnful of times with my son. I just might try and use it more and ditch my bulky heavy stroller.