Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scandinavian Child lillebaby EveryWear Carrier Challenge

Now that we have this fabulous carrier I have been encouraging my husband to try it out. Here is a little background on my dear hubby:
1. Prior to becoming a dad he never held a baby
2. Prior to becoming a dad he flat out refused to hold babies
3. He refused to use our previous carrier for unknown man reasons
4. He's an engineer

You may wonder why number 4 has anything to do with the others. Well, here's the scoop: dear hubby is a VERY hands on dad and jumps feet first into everything. He was even the first one to change our daughter's diaper... it wasn't by choice as I had a c-section, but he didn't protest.

He's been out and about with me while I've been using the new carrier so his interest has begun to grow due to my bragging about how fabulous it is. BUT, he's an engineer. He can't do anything without studying it first and figuring out how it works. So we needed a test dummy.....
This is Cookie Bear. He is our go-to bear.... he was also the bear we took to the hospital for that class where you swaddle and diaper stuffed animals. Poor guy... he may have a complex. But he was the loyal test dummy to make sure that daddy was confident in his abilities to get the baby safely secured. Did it work?
He did it! Yay!! Now you get to tell me which one (baby or bear) looks more comfy!


trooppetrie said...

hmmmmmmmm i think the baby. this was cute