Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tot Talk DVD Review

Tot Talk sent me one of their DVD's, Adventures in France, to review. The age on the DVD is 6+ months so my one year old daughter was at just the right age. From the moment the music started she was mesmerized.

Some of the things that I love about this DVD:
I love that there is music throughout the DVD. I have found that my daughter loves music, so this helped keep her interested.

The puppets are adorable, but they also have real babies and children throughout. I think this is important in order for children to make connections. Especially since the children in the DVD are demonstrating daily life skills, like putting on shoes.

When doing some vocabulary I think it's great that they show the picture and the word while also saying it verbally. It reaches all learners this way and reinforces the meaning of the word.

I love that they offer the option to play the DVD in French. Exposing children to a different language at a young age can be very beneficial for their ability to pick up other languages.

Overall I found this DVD to be very educational. It exposes your children to different aspects of the world that they don't see on a daily basis. It was like taking a little tour of France with the food, music and scenery being portrayed throughout. 

It's definitely worth your time to go check out their website. Aside from Adventures in France they also offer another DVD for slightly older children. You can also check out their CD's and place mats!