Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bottle Snuggler Review

I have to say that bottle time is one of my favorite times with my baby. It's the best time to snuggle up and just enjoy the feeling of having her warm baby body in my arms. It's such a quiet and relaxing time! But every once in awhile we have one of those nights. You know, where it's already bed time and nothing has been done. And you look at your beautiful baby who is taking their time chug-chug-chug-a-lugging and you just wish they could drink faster so you could have your hands back!

Thankfully, we don't have too many nights like that. And the majority of our bottle times are as wonderful as a momma could ever imagine. But my daughter has something funny about her. She refuses to hold her own bottle. Refuses! She has never done it and even when we try and show her how to she immediately drops her arms. I think we have made her just too comfy to bother lifting those arms. So on the occasion that we have a crazy night she is of no help to me and does not allow me to have a single free hand. 

When I saw the Bottle Snugggler I thought, wow, wouldn't that be helpful once in awhile. I can still hold my baby and enjoy my time with her. But I can also free up one hand. One hand! That's all I need on those crazy nights. It allows me to read the mail, respond to an e-mail, eat, take a phone call, or write a shopping list. 

Bottle Snugglers®, formerly named Bottle Tenders, are a bottle support system designed to assist during baby's feeding time. They support the bottle while you hold the baby, leaving a hand free. If you have a baby, you've been there. The baby is hungry, and you need to answer the phone, change the channel, eat a sandwich or help another child. No more propping the bottle under your chin or on unstable surfaces! Just insert the bottle into the Bottle Snuggler, position it properly, and everyone wins.

For me the Bottle Snuggler has come in handy on a couple of occasions already. But the best thing I have found is that it's motivating for my daughter to want to hold onto it. She loves the cuddly puppy attached and wants to hold it.

Sadly my daughter is pretty much past her bottle days. She has been on a sippy cup for quite a while now and only has a bottle before bed. So as we continue to eliminate the bottle altogether, I will be holding on my Bottle Snuggler. I can see it coming in handy even more once I have a second child. Or do we get another of arms when we have a second child? 

You can learn more about Bottle Snugglers and check out the cute critters on their site.


Jenerally Speaking (aka Life with the Lebedas) said...

That is adorable!! I love the bunny holder. Super cute!

Show Me Mama said...

Oh, how sweet is this....nice way to drink your milk:) love it. Thanks for sharing.