Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Receiving Cuddles Review and Special Offer!

I absolutley love unique and personal things. I have a entire box of keepsake items for my daughter and I've made a big scrapbook from her first year. I think it's so important to hold onto the memories. So when I had the opportunity to work with Receiving Cuddles I knew that it was right up my ally and something I would cherish forever.

Here is a little bit about the company:
I make Blankies for Babies! The coolest thing is that I make Loved Blankies.

Loved Blankies are made from baby's receiving blankets that they are not using anymore. Babies tend to grow out of their receiving blankets around 1 year old. At this time babies are developing a need for a comfort item as they are becoming more aware of their surroundings. Why not get them one that they are already use to. Loved blankies are the perfect keepsake gift for baby's first birthday or first Christmas. Loved Blankies are a great way to keep the wonderful memories that are associated with the receiving blankets. It will be for sure a cherished item you will love.

This was such a cool process! First I dug out my daughter's old receiving blankets and sent them off in the mail. Then I filled out a form that Receiving Cuddles e-mailed me that allowed me to pick the color of my satin (the whole back and edges are made from this incredible satin that feels amazing) and type of ribbon decoration I would like on my blanket.

Then my final step came and I got to pick a pattern from a few photos I was sent. This was great, it really made me feel like I was involved in creating my very own custom blanket! Then the hardest part...waiting for it to arrive! It really took no time at all.... Cristalee works fast and creates perfection.

It arrived on a day that my in-laws were here and we were all in awe. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's a great size for my daughter to snuggle with, and it has so much meaning. I just adore it!

Now here is your very special offer:
When you purchase a Loved Blankie from Receiving Cuddles just mention Momma Drama in the comments and you will receive a FREE Travel Blankie! Sweet deal!

Check out Receiving Cuddles on Etsy and on Facebook!


Boosandrawrs said...

Oh how neat! I have a nephew who has four or five receiving blankets that he uses as a comfort item. Would be a neat idea to turn them into a quilt once he outgrows the blankie stage.