Monday, April 4, 2011

Weight Loss Week 13

I'm baaaack! I'm sure you all missed my weekly weigh in tremendously last week... hehe! But I forgot to weigh in on Monday and again on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday and by Thursday I figured I would just wait to post until today. So here we go.....

This week wasn't too bad. We had McDonald's for dinner one night and I kinda kicked myself for it later. But it was soooo good! Exercising hasn't been great because we had bad weather... again! The couple of nice days thrown into the mix I did get out and play with my little one. Spring.. I need you!

So I thought the week was pretty good... and then I weighed in. There is something with this number!!
Starting Weight: 177.2
Week 1: 174.8
Week 2: 175
Week 3: 173.4
Week 4: 175
Week 5: 174.4
Week 6: 174
Week 7: 173.4
Week 8: 175.8
Week 9: 175.8
Week 10: 175.8
Week 11: 174.2
Week 12: OOPS
Week 13: 175.8
Weekly Gain/Loss: +1.6
Total Gain/Loss: -1.6
Goal: 165 by April 30th

I'll keep working at it and not cheating with McDonalds. I just don't know how to get out of this rut. I am in basically the same spot as where I started... sheesh!
How did you do?


katychick said...

your not alone- check out my blog- ugh

Jenerally Speaking (aka Life with the Lebedas) said...

I agree ... Bring on the warm weather!! :) Then we'll all be outside and having fun knocking down those numbers! ;)

Mom vs. the boys said...

spring will help for sure, it's still too hard to get out and about right now

Show Me Mama said...

Well, you should be here in Texas, where the weather changes like crazy. This way you can be outside one day, take a break one day and back outside the next, if the weather is great. Don't you worry, your doing great, i know you will reach your goal. Have a great day.