Monday, April 11, 2011

Weight Loss Week 14

Ahhhh! I am so beyond frustrated! I was SO good this past week. I watched what I ate. I truly cut back on my portions. I didn't snack. I even did more exercising than usual. And did it pay off? Barely!

Ok, so at least I went down and not up. But this has to be the most frustrating week yet. I was really expecting a bigger loss. So I am bummed.... very bummed. I guess I'll keep trying for another week and see if it makes a difference. 

How did you do?

Starting Weight: 177.2
Week 1: 174.8
Week 2: 175
Week 3: 173.4
Week 4: 175
Week 5: 174.4
Week 6: 174
Week 7: 173.4
Week 8: 175.8
Week 9: 175.8
Week 10: 175.8
Week 11: 174.2
Week 12: OOPS
Week 13: 175.8
Week 14: 175.5
Weekly Gain/Loss: -.3
Total Gain/Loss: -1.9
Goal: 165 by April 30th


Suzette said...

Don't get discouraged! ANY weight loss is a success.

I was blog surfing and came across your blog. If you need any extra tips, check out my new nutrition/fitness/health blog. I stay home with my kids now so thought that I could share my education and experience in the the field of nutrition.

Jenerally Speaking said...

Girl .. your still doing great! You might have to change up what your doing and it's great that you've increased your exercise and are watching what you eat. Be happy with your loss. :) You might try writing everything down that you eat so you can look back and see what might have tripped you up. Either way your trying and thats what matters!! :)

Lara said...

Thanks ladies!!