Friday, November 11, 2011

Fresh Scents from Nature

Ahhh.. .there is nothing like a fresh scent. I love when things smell fresh and clean. And there is nothing fresher and cleaner than scents straight from nature.

In terms of natural scents I really have a lot of different favorites for different parts of my life. For instance, in my kitchen I adore the smell of fresh lemon. It smells delicious and makes the whole room feel bright! I often buy cleaners and soaps that smell like fresh lemon, and I even have a candle for my kitchen that smells like cut lemons. Yum! There is something very refreshing about it... and it even seems to wake up my senses in the morning when I am trying to get my day going.

But in my bedroom I always use the scent of lavender. I had read somewhere in college that lavender was supposed to be relaxing and even help you sleep. So with the heavy course load I was carrying I was really looking for something that would help get the work out of my head and lead me to dreamland.

I purchased some satchels of potpourri and put them under my pillow and now I'm addicted! I now have a lavender spray that I use to on my pillow every night and it brings me to my happy place. I love how you begin to associate scents with things... and lavender is now associated with sleep and rest for me.

While these scents are fabulous and many companies do a great job of putting the scents into bottles, nothing quite beats the real thing. Sigh, how I wish I could sleep in a field of lavender or have a large supply of lemons that I could keep cutting open and squeezing all day long.

But needless to say we are often left to purchasing our favorite scents. So I buy a wide variety of candles and wall plug ins to help bring that scent home.

This holiday season I have been filling the house with a lot of fresh apple scents. That makes my house feel warm and cozy. It really reminds me of family gathering and chowing down on apple pie. Nothing better on a cold fall night!

I have so many wonderful scents that I love that come straight from nature. From burning candles to body sprays, I do whatever I can to get my fill of them! And each one takes me someplace else and gives me a different feeling. Whether the lavender is putting me to sleep, the lemon is waking me up, or the apple is warming my soul I know I can transport myself with just a sniff!

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ElmoFan said...

I love fresh scents. Apples or pumpkins are my favorite.

Lara said...

I like pumpkins in candles.... but not the inside of pumpkins... haha!