Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker - Book Review

If you are looking for a fun book that is hard to out down then this is for you! Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, by Marla Martenson, is a glimpse into the lives of the rich and fabulous in such a way that you see the grass is not always greener on the other side.

In Diary of a Beverly Hills MatchmakerMarla takes her readers for a hilarious romp through her days as an L.A. matchmaker and her daily struggles to keep her self-esteem from imploding in a town where looks are everything and money talks. From juggling the demands her out-of-touch clients to trying her best to meet the capricious demands of an insensitive boss to the ups and downs of her own marriage to a Latin husband who doesn't think that she is 'domestic' enough, Marla writes with charm and self-effacement about the universal struggles that all women face in their lives. 

Marla's job is set these incredibly rich men up with the women of their dreams. Except, in many cases their dreams are totally delusional! It's hysterical to read about the check lists that these men create in order to form a picture of their perfect woman. They take shallow to a whole new level! And they are willing to pay the BIG bucks for a chance at "love." And when I say big bucks I am talking up to $100,000!

While many of her clients are entertaining enough with their prerequisites, the laughs continue as she sets them up with a woman. The complaints some of these men come up with are unreal!

This book is like meeting a new friend. You get to know Marla inside and out, from her professional life to her personal life. It's a quick read because it's written straight to the point. You will be turning the pages for more!