Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Eye-Fi Review

If you are anything like me you will be taking a ton of pictures this holiday season! I am the camera queen and I try to capture every moment with my camera. But then I have a tendency to let them sit on my camera for months until there are so many different events that I don't even want to upload and organize them. So when I learned about the Eye-Fi I was sure it was something I could use!
The Mobile X2 card works with more than 2,000 digital cameras and uses Eye’s Direct Mode technology to instantly transfer photos directly from your digital camera to various devices (phone, tablet, computer) –without cords -  so you can share/post photos and images wherever you are.  

Wow, this thing is really cool! I love to share pictures and with this you have so many options. You can send pictures to your phone, tablet, even directly to Facebook. Very cool!

The software is really easy to install and only took about 7 minutes to set up. It lets you set up how you want to organize your photos (like in dated folders) and where you want them to be stored. Which is great for me because I need to keep my photos organized with the amount that I take!

I love that you can send them to Snapfish, Facebook, Picassa... pretty much wherever you want. This makes it super easy to share pictures with family and friends.

The only problem we encountered involves sending pictures from our camera to our laptop. My husband figured it out and thinks that you can't be too far away from the wireless router. As soon as we moved our laptop closer to the router all the pictures started uploading super fast. He says this makes sense because the antenna in the device is much smaller than the computer.

Overall, the entire process with the Eye-Fi has been great! I think it's a great thing for moms to have so they can share their pictures quickly and easily. Anything that saves a mom time is a hot item!

The Eye-Fi has a SRP of $79.99 and has 8GB of memory. You can find it at Best Buy, Apple Stores and Amazon.