Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Pink Papaya Review

Pink Papaya is an awesome company that offers relaxing, spa quality products as affordable prices. And the best part is that you can browse this selection while spending time with your friends at one of their at-home spa parties!

Pink Papaya works like most at-home party companies. You can find a consultant near you... or you can become one yourself!

Pink Papaya sent me a few of their products to check out... and now I am itching to attend an at-home party. I never would have known just how awesome these products are without seeing them in person. So an at-home party is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the products!

Pink Papaya offers natural spa products that are made right here in the USA. And they don't use any animal testing.

I was really impressed with the Ginger Bread Body Wash I received. It smelled yummy and lathered up really nicely. I didn't need to use much to get a nice lather going. This would make a perfect holiday gift! My skin felt smooth after using it.

My husband received two products from their men's line, Murray Hill. He got to try the Sandstone Power Scrub and the Steel Strength Hand Repair.

The Sandstone Power Scrub is awesome! My husband does a lot of work outside... raking, digging, moving the wheel barrow. So his hands are not the softest. This power scrub helped to buff away the dry skin and calloses. His hands felt noticeably softer. And even though it has all kinds of nice things in it, like cucumber, pineapple, and cranberry extracts, it doesn't smell all girly. So he was happy to use it and has been using it frequently ever since!

He also suffers from really dry skin. So dry that during the winter months it actually cracks and causes him pain. So I am really excited that we have the Steel Strength Hand Repair to put it's intense moisturizers to work. I even tried this one to see how it felt and I really liked it. I love how it goes on silky smooth, not greasy. And it dries quickly without leaving any residue behind.

Pink Papaya and Murray Hill have a great selection of items for men and women. I would highly recommend you check out their catalog online and then find a consultant near you. And then if you host a party you can take advantage of all the perks... including the chance to earn free products!


Nicole said...

I am glad to hear that you loved the products! I find it hard to pick what I am going to buy because I want 1 of everything. In fact, I loved it sooo much I became a consultant!