Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Lifetherapy

This is the first time I have been introduced to Lifetherapy. So I was looking over the website and checking out the story behind how this company got started. It is a really interesting and beautiful story about one woman's desire to enhance a mood or create a feeling. And it touched on something that I can completely relate to... how a scent can transport you to a different place... or help you experience a different feeling. I have found this to be very true of familiar scents in my life. Ones that remind me of certain people or places. I can spray a certain perfume of mine and be transported back in time. It's amazing and powerful.

The woman behind this company is Lynette Lovelace, and I had the wonderful opportunity to check out some of her products.  For this review I was sent a sample of the Play Hydrating Body Lotion and Skin Nourishing Body Scrub.

The first thing I do when I receive a new body care product is smell it. the Play line smells truly amazing. It smells fresh and clean, and it made me feel more awake. So I applied some of the lotion and fell in love with how silky smooth it was. IT felt very light and smooth, not heavy or greasy at all. The fragrance was present but not overwhelming. It really was a relaxing experience.

The next day I tried the body scrub and it was devine! The texture of the raw brown sugar and crushed sea salt felt invigorating on my skin. I felt so relaxed scrubbing away to reach the soft skin underneath. When I finished I literally felt like a new person. So I topped it off with some of the Play Body Lotion.

I really enjoyed experiencing these products. They are clearly high quality while still being affordable. I would definitely recommend you check out the site and take a look around. These products could make a perfect gift. They also have jewelry and candles, so browse around!


Show Me Mama said...

You are so right about a scent taking you to a familiar place. It happens to me quite frequently when I either walk in area and I smell a certain scent reminds me of being back in my country. A very nice feeling I must say! I love body scrub- they are so amazing. I have to look in to it. Thanks for sharing.