Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Embelle Bibs Review

What is the perfect baby gift for the doctor or businessman in your life?  Imagine your little baby girl as a ballerina or Woody from Toy Story?  Now your audience can with Embelle novelty bibs. Not only are they adorable,but they are much more affordable than your average novelty bib. Available at Target for $5.00, Embelle bibs are fun and playful while being practical for your baby.

Ok, these bibs are seriously adorable! I checked out the selection on their website and just went... awww! And then I received three for review and loved them even more in person.

These bibs are very soft. I was really surprised to feel how soft they are. And they seem like high quality with nice stitching and bright images on them. They are small, so they are definitely geared for young babies and not toddlers.

These would definitely make a great addition to any baby gift or fit perfectly into the stocking of a little one. They make a stylish statement! Check out their selection and see if you find the perfect one for a little one in your life. Whether it's a doctor, ballerina, cowboy, baseball player, nerd (too funny) or any of the other choices!