Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guest Post: Table Setting Ideas for Thanksgiving

There are hundreds of different ideas about Thanksgiving table settings, but most decorating ideas involve fall related colors such as red, orange, brown, yellow and green. These colors can be incorporated into very rustic, natural settings or modern table settings with clean lines and minimal decoration. Some table settings include traditional Thanksgiving images such as turkeys and cornucopias, but the table can also look very festive without these images being included.

A Modern Approach

A modern Thanksgiving table is likely to be streamlined and include only a couple of fall colors, such as brown and orange. Gold trimmed China is commonly used because it is both elegant and modern. Some decorators use cloth napkins in fall colors, while others opt for white napkins with elegant rings in neutral fall colors. The centerpieces may consist of floral arrangements featuring only one type of flower or simple branches arranged in vases. Formal table settings may include white place cards with elegant gold trim to match the fine China.

The silverware and serving pieces on a modern table are typically either gold or silver and feature minimal decorate elements. All of the silverware and serving pieces should match. If serving platters are placed on the table, they should be plain colored and arranged in the center of the table in a linear fashion. Most people who prefer modern table settings for Thanksgiving have their guests served full plates from the kitchen so that the table isn't cluttered with serving dishes.

A Natural Thanksgiving Table

Because Thanksgiving is traditionally a celebration of the harvest season, it is common for decorators to bring many natural elements to their Thanksgiving table. Clear glass vases may be filled with layers of legumes in a variety of colors. A pillar candle may be placed in the center of each vase and lit just before the guests sit down to eat. The tablecloth may be light brown or burnt orange and may be embroidered with a leaf pattern.

Simple white plates are placed on a natural table with a large leaf or single piece of fruit decorating the plate. The silverware and serving pieces are usually from the family's collection and it isn't essential that the pieces match. The turkey and other main dishes may be served on wooden platters that complement the natural look of the table, while side dishes can be served in ceramic dishes in a variety of shapes and fall colors. Brightly colored cloth napkins may be placed in simple wooden rings or wire that looks like berry vines. Place cards may be held with wooden holders or each name can be pinned to a pear or gourd for a unique look.

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