Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Diner Review

I am very happy to say that my daughter is a self feeding machine! She loves to feed herself and is getting really good at it. But she tends to push her bowl around her highchair try while trying to get the food on her spoon. So when I saw an opportunity to review the Baby Diner I was very interested!
The Baby Diner is simply attached to a smooth surface by two suction cups. You then can attach any smooth surface plate or bowl to a suction cup on the top. Once the plate or bowl is secured it can't slide around. Plus, the suction cups are hidden so your child won't be tempted to try and play with them.

We secured the Baby Diner to my daughters highchair and I was really pleased with the suction. I have purchased other bowls and plates with suction cups on them and haven't had much luck. This one seems to stick well.

Another thing that I really like about this is how you can just throw it in your diaper bag and take it with you. I often worry about plates and dishes falling in restaurants and this is an easy fix! This has made our dinners more enjoyable because she doesn't need my assistance as much. It's helping to her become even more independent and an even neater eater!

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