Friday, October 15, 2010

Bugalug Review

I love cute things... and Bugalug has SO many cute things! When I found out I was having a girl I was so excited that I was going to be able to dress her up and put pretty things in her hair. So Bugalug is the perfect site for me!

Bugalug has a great selection of items, including no slip clips, headbands, belts, pony loops, soother clips and more! They even have a section for boys that offers Boys Cool Cuffs! They also take great pride in their high quality mom made products! Everything is proudly made in Canada and is non toxic and lead free.
Sporting the adorable headband and matching belt 
(you can't really see the belt, but it's the easiest belt to get on a toddler!!).

What I love most, besides the fact that their products are so well made they will last a very long time, is that these moms create amazing modern looks! They are always adding new arrivals to their products and have you covered for all seasons and occasions. Their products are really stylish and unique!

I was really excited when they asked if I would do a review for them. They sent me a fantastic assortment of their products and I was impressed with each and every one!


trooppetrie said...

ooh man with three little girl s i need these

Jenn said...

Awh! Leah is always cute but the bugalug stuff looks good on her!

Lara said...

Thanks! She does look really cute.. hehe! But I do love their stuff! It's so cute and trendy... and really well made.

Mom vs. the boys said...

Bugalug is a great Canadian company, so many cute things that make me wish I had a girl to dress up, love that belt

Bugalug said...
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Bugalug said...

Great Review! Glad you liked the products!