Tuesday, October 19, 2010

eebee's Adventures Review

I LOVE the eebee DVD's. These adventures for babies are about learning real life skills!

Every day and every waking moment, babies work at figuring out how the world works and they work in their world. From babbling to chatting; from rolling to running; from stacking to building; from my turn to your turn: these are a child's first real-life learning adventures—adventures that lay the foundation for all future learning. These are eebee moments, the basis of the learning that lasts...for every baby, with every parent.

We were fortunate enough to receive all three of the eebee DVD's for review: Exploring Real Stuff (6 months and up), All in a Day's Play (6 months and up), and Figuring Things Out (12 months and up).

These DVD's are really designed to support natural development in babies. The DVD offers bright colors, an engaging puppet, music and other babies. All of these things are things that babies enjoy and can relate to. But what I love most about these adventures is that everything they show in the DVD is things that can be done at home and supports social interactions with kids. This isn't one of those plop your kids in front of the tv and let them be entertained. This encourages babies to explore the world around them with a parent or another care giver.

Grab a ball and as eebee shows how to roll a ball... do it too! It will have so much more meaning for the child and will get them engaged in an activity with you! There are tons of "toys" around the house that encourage exploration. Play with laundry... bang on some pots and pans... build a pillow mountain! The adventures are endless! These DVD's are great supports in getting interactive with all the wonderful things around you. It also encourages language development and sets parents up for easy carry over of activities and skills throughout the day.

My daughter is 16 months old and loves it! She quickly began to recognize eebee and get excited when it was time to watch and play. And she knows... she will go and grab a ball when eebee comes on because she knows mommy is going to play with her and eebee. It's so fantastic!

Aside from the DVD's, you can also find books, toys, clothing and music to go along with this great program. I think an eebee doll will be a must in this house!

And you can check out eebee's Adventures and keep up to date on new products and news by following them on Facebook and Twitter!


Jenn said...

Oh how fun!! I love it! I bet she loves stuff like that. My 18 mth old would probably love something like that! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

Lara said...

She does love it! It would be great with siblings too because your older child could help do the activities with your younger child.

Show Me Mama said...

This would be a great birthday present for my friends daughter. Thanks for sharing. I love it how it encourages kids to explore. Great review.

Lara said...

Yes! The exploring and real life connections are so cool. It's a pretty unique experience.