Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kimochis Review

Many years ago, before I became a mom, I worked with an amazing teacher. While she did a lot of memorable things for me and her students, one of the things that stood out the most to me was her concern for how her students felt. She spent a lot of time talking to her young students about their feelings and encouraging them to share how they felt. Even if they weren't happy it was still ok. It's ok to feel frustrated or sad. None of us need to be happy all the time. But recognizing feelings and being comfortable enough to share them is not always easy for kids. So I really respected her efforts to bring that skill into the classroom.

When I came across Kimochis all of those memories came back to me. I looked at this product and I thought... how cool! Kimochis are toys that open up that world of feelings. Bringing parents and teachers a cool, fun tool to start the conversations about feelings. So I was very excited when Kimochis gave me the opportunity to review their Huggtopus.

The Huggtapus is incredibly cute and friendly looking. He comes with three child friendly feelings - happy, silly and frustrated. The feelings each have a face to represent their emotions on one side and the word on the other. He also comes with a personality and helps support skill building with discovering feelings and dealing with them.

There are currently 5 different characters... all with different personalities.  I think these toys are incredible toys/tools. I love what they are promoting and facilitating in homes and classrooms. And they are very affordable. Huggtapus could be yours for only $25.00! Check them out!!


Unknown said...

I love these! they really work awesome! They helped my daughter learn sad, mad and angry!

Lara said...

Aren't the awesome? Such a brilliant idea. And they work! My daughter is too young, but I'm using them at work.

Amy Brown said...

My daughter has the Bug, she loves it and is always looking for Happy to stick in it's belly
So cute.

Jenn said...

Cute! I haven't seen anything like this! Great review! I think my daughter would benefit a lot from these.