Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily Guideposts 2011 - Book Review

Daily Guideposts is celebrating it's 35th anniversary with their latest edition, 
Daily Guideposts 2011: A Spirit-Lifting Devotional.

This inspirational book brings together 55 contributing writers from all over the country. Some of the contributors have been a part of the Daily Guidepost books in the past which has helped readers form a connection with them and experience life with them. 

Every year since 1977, Guideposts has published Daily Guideposts, a devotional book containing short, inspirational pieces for each day of the year.  With over 20 million distributed, Daily Guideposts brings you closer to God and helps you live a fuller, richer life.

The 365 inspiring devotions in Daily Guideposts 2011, our 35th edition, are brief, but powerful reminders of the many ways God watches over you and guides you in your everyday life.  In them, you’ll share the spiritual discoveries of people who have experienced His reassuring presence in their own lives. In just 5 minutes, you’ll lift your spirit and know that whatever challenges you face, you are always in the hands of God.

This book not only shares personal stories from the contributors, but it also leads the reader on a path. I think the path you take depends on the individual and their needs. But it allows you to reflect on your life, your blessings, your challenges.  It's a great way to spend a few minutes everyday to put things in perspective and take on the day ahead.

The 35th edition of Daily Guideposts is being released today.