Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ten on a Sled - Book Review

Winter is coming! I love cuddling up under a blanket and reading a fun book with my little one. Ten on a Sled, by Kim Norman and illustrated by Liza Woodruff, is a perfect book for just that scene. Imagine a snowy winter day and you and your little one cuddled up reading a rhyming tale about a fast trip on a sled.

This story is based on the classic Ten on a Bed, but takes on a new twist a sled full of 10 adventurous animals. This story promotes important skills; such as rhyming, making predictions and counting. The illustrations are beautiful and take you away for a wintery adventure.

I had a blast reading this story with my daughter! It's definitely one of those books that you could read over and over again. This would make a great holiday gift and can be purchased from Barnes and Noble.


Mom vs. the boys said...

I buy the kids books for Christmas every year, I'm going to look for this one, it looks great!

Lara said...

It would make a perfect Christmas story! It's really cute :)