Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Think Smart Games Review

My husband and I love brain puzzles and we love to play video games, so when the opportunity arose for us to review the Think Smart Games I jumped at it! Playing video games is one of the things we like to do together at night after our little one is asleep, so we were very excited to try them out!

We started by playing the Wii version since it was something we could do together:
I had a great time playing this game... my husband, not so much. But that's simply because I BEAT HIM! He doesn't like to lose... especially with video games because he is usually much better than I am. I think the game is pretty cool because it tests your knowledge and allows for you to get competitive. But there were also a few things I didn't like about it.

Maybe I set it up wrong, but we had to share one remote for two players. I had my husband take a look and he doesn't think you can change that (but if anyone knows how please share!). This was totally manageable, but I prefer to each have our own remote.

The other thing was that the images were kind of small on the screen, so you really had to be exact with the remote. I had a hard time because my hand isn't that steady. So I would get a lot wrong when I was trying to aim for the correct answer but my hand shook and I hit the wrong answer. So I had a little trouble controlling the remote.

Here is an example: You had to find the coordinates and the grid lines were really close together.

Those are really my only complaints. I think the questions are a lot of fun and really vary in levels. There were some that I thought we really easy and some where I didn't have clue! We got very into it and busted each others chops a lot.

Then I played the DS version:

This I LOVED! I had so much fun with the puzzles. I played it in the training mode for an hour. I kept trying to beat my previous scores! I think there was a really nice variety of questions in each subject category and they were all things that I could do on my own without having to ask for my husbands help.. hehe.

One section challenges you to solve simple math problems as quickly as you can. It's amazing how easily you can make mistakes with simple addition!

I really like the set up of this game and how you can view your progress. I think younger children would have more success and less frustration with this version than the Wii version.

I think that both games were a lot of fun in different ways. I like being able to play with someone on the Wii, but I prefer the DS game. You can check them both out at your local major retailer or on Amazon.