Friday, October 29, 2010

Smashburger - Clifton, NJ

I had another awesome opportunity this week. I was invited to a sneak peek at 
the new Smashburger opening in Clifton, NJ.

As I predicted, I was really happy with the food. The last time I went to Smashburger I went with the smashuburger and smashfries. So I wanted to try something new. This time I ordered the classic smashchicken, friend pickles (of course) and haystack onions. My husband taylor ham, egg and cheese which comes on top of a burger... whoa! And the little miss got the kids chicken strips. And we topped it all off with oreo shakes. Yeah, we were full!

I was really happy with the smashchicken. The first thing I said to my husband was that it wasn't greasy at all. It was crispy and light... and so delicious! And my husband truly enjoyed his taylor ham, egg and cheese. I tried a bite and it was really good... but there's no way I could have eaten a whole one.... it was huge! and of course little miss enjoyed her chicken, though she preferred to just have the oreo shake!

What really impressed me at this Smashburger was the service. Everyone was really on top of their game. I placed my order to a very helpful woman who was perky and seemed happy to be at work. Then I turned around and a young man was waiting for me with a highchair in hand. How nice! Our food was delivered to our table within the 4-6 minutes that they had told me, and our places were cleared as we finished things.

We all had a great time and will definitely be returning to Smashburger for fun family nights out!


Mom vs. the boys said...

okay you are seriously making me hungry, that looks so good! and oreo shakes???? shut up!! yum!

Alexia said...

Looks yummy.

Lara said...

Oh I know! It was so hard to write this because I started to get hungry! I could live on oreo shakes :)