Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aroma Home Fuzzy Friend Slippers Review

I pretty much live in slippers from September to April. I probably have a half dozen pairs in different styles. I was recently sent a pair from Aroma Home and they are by far my favorite!

Aroma Home offers an adorable selection of Fuzzy Friend Slippers. They have cows, poodles, bees and more to pick from. I was given the opportunity to pick a pair for review and I chose the Lady Bugs.

My Lady Bugs arrived in just a couple of days. They are so cute! I immediately tried them on since it's a one size fits up to size 10 deal. They really did fit nicely! They kind of mold to the shape of your foot. And the fuzzy texture that you see on the outside is on the inside too, all along the sole. This creates almost like a massage feeling in the bottom of your feet! Love it!

So the slippers are cute and comfy and totally affordable at only $20 a pair. My daughter also loves when I wear them! She follows me around and then pets the Lady Bugs when I stop moving. She is totally intrigued by the texture and I'm sure she loves how adorable they are!

I am very pleased with my slippers. Aroma Home also carries a variety of other products including some soft toys that look cute and cozy. They also have these feet warmers that look very cool and perfect for winter. I encourage you to take a look around their website at all they have to offer!