Friday, September 24, 2010

ROCKABYE Baby - Lullaby Renditions of Elvis Presley

Rockabye Baby offers the greatest selection of CD's for children. They take the music we are familiar with and love and turn it into relaxing and beautiful lullabies for your little one. They have a huge selection of CD's featuring lullaby renditions from The Beach Boys, Journey, Kanye West, Guns and Roses and much more.

I have had the pleasure to review two of their CD's, Lullaby Renditions of Journey and Lullaby Renditions of Black Sabbath. I have fallen in love with the concept behind this music. I love being able to listen to songs that I recognize and enjoy while my little one snoozes. Sure beats listening to Hush Little Baby for the thousandth time.

When I heard about the release of their newest CD, Lullaby Renditions of Elvis Presley, I was so excited! Elvis is a staple in the history of music! I grew up listening to his music and now my daughter can too, but in a different and relaxing way.
Have a new baby's tantrums turned a happy home into heartbreak hotel? Are you woe-some tonight because your little hound dog is crying all the time? That's all right, Mama. Don't cry, Daddy. If your teddy bear is all shook up, try these tender renditions of the King's legendary hits. There will be peace in the nursery someday.
 Check out their website for a look at their large selection and to get a preview of the music. You can shop there or on


Show Me Mama said...

Wow, I have to hear this one. My husband is a big fan of Elvis and he would sure like this one and for the little one to listen too. Thanks for sharing.

Night Owl Mama said...

how unique Elvis Love Elvis!

sara said...

We have a bunch of the Rockabye Baby stuff and love it!

Emmi said...

These are awesome! I really want to hear the Kanye West one!

LeAnn said...

Too cute, what a great idea for a baby cd.

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